Welcome to CU moms sell Boulder!  Sibyl and Jill are experts in finding property for your student at CU.

Having our own children at the University of Colorado and knowing the Boulder real estate market, makes us specialists in finding the perfect condo or home that best suits your needs and makes smart financial sense for you.  We have experience, and are committed to knowing your needs, the needs of your child and will treat them as one of our own.

Here is how it works: 

1. We pick up your student at their dorm or apartment and take them to listings that best match your criteria, i.e. price, location, # of bedrooms, etc.

2.You and your student decide which condo or home works best for you. 

3. Together we negotiate a contract on your behalf and go under contract.

4. We assist in referring inspectors, appraisers, financial institutions and title companies.

5. We close on your property with you here or, most commonly, by mail out using the electronic signature process “Docusign”.

We make it easy, we make it stress free and we help you make a sound real estate investment.

Call us today, we are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Facts for purchasing a home or condo in Boulder

1. Condos start at $125,000 for a one bedroom condo and $225,000 for a two bedroom, walking distance to campus.

2. 3 bedroom homes in the Baseline area (4 blocks from campus) start at $425K.

3. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loans are as low as 3% down.

4. Interest rates are as low as 3.2% with five year arms.

5. Annual property taxes in Boulder are low, only .55% of the value of the property (i.e. $1100 per year on a $200K home).

6. Boulder has one of the hottest rental markets in the nation.

7. Condo/homes for your student can qualify as a second home.

8. The Boulder real estate market has been steady. Appreciation in Boulder has been between 5-10% annually, condos vs. homes.

9. Parents can receive tax benefits.

10. Security on where your student is living each year brings a parent peace of mind!

Building equity in a real estate purchase in Boulder makes more $ense than putting your money in the stock market.  Take a look at what your investment portfolio has done for you in the past 10 years!





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